Belt Effects

"Not without my effects...." ~ Jack Sparrow

Jack has several acquired articles from his travels that currently hang from his two belts . The most popularly worn by costumers are the items featured below..

Items Hanging from the Sun belt are:

  • two small different pieces of animal pelt (probably a Fox and a Mink) one longer than the other, one darker and one lighter.

Items Hanging from the Anamaria belt are:


  • The vermin pelts are another eccentric addition to Jack's costume, it may be that he wore them as Johnny says because they were "lunch." In Elizabethan times it was thought that people wore animal skins as a part of their wardrobe to attract body lice. Try looking at pelts from a furrier, or you can find fake fur in the scrap bin at your local fabric store.

  • To preserve a chicken foot, one method is to make sure it's really dry and then store it in kosher salt, another method is to use a food dehydrator for a few days, or you can get some desiccant granules [the kind used for drying flowers] and store the foot there. The cheapest method would be to simply boil it and let it sit out in the sun.

  • Check reference photos for how long to make the cord that holds your charms. They should not extend beyond your waistcoat and almost line up with the ends of your belts.



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