"My father was Bootstrap Bill Turner. His blood runs in my veins." ~ Will Turner

Jacks boots are a leather pleaser style boot with a large bell cuff. The boots are a tan “mustard” suede leather, they have brown soles, and are squared toed. Notice from the ref picture above that they are just tall enough to reach under his knee. Don't write these off just because they are at the bottom of your costume and go on your feet - a lot of times the right boots can make - or break the costume.


Storing your boots - Before putting your boots away, consider storing them well to help them maintain their shape. try stuffing them with any of the following: winter socks, plastic bags, egg cartons, rolled magazines bound with duct tape, Or old rolled newspaper - The newspaper will maintain the shape and absorb any lingering moisture, thus freshening the boot.



Brown Alternatives

If you're not sure if making them yourself is quite your speed, many budget Jack Sparrows have gone with chocolate colored pirate boots, which come in both leather and synthetic varieties. While not recommended for those going for screen accuracy, they're certainly the most cost saving option out there.

Boots Tutorial (Caboots)

"Feast your eyes, Captain. All of them, faithful hands before the mast, every man worth his salt. And crazy to boot." ~ Mr. Gibbs


Tutorial by Mojo from

This tutorial is strictly my weathering process on a brand new pair of CABOOTS brand boots. If you'd like a tutorial on making a pair of boots from scratch, we recommend you use the Sith Camaro: LINK

So if you're fortunate enough to get a pair of nice leather pirate boots, the worst thing you can do is leave them as they come out of the box. I realize you paid a small fortune for them, but the bottom line is, if they don't help you look more like Jack -they're worthless. So be prepared to "Jack them up."

This is how a pair of caboots look - right out of the box.

With a better camera - this is how they look right with no modification: As you can see the bells are pretty long

To modify them -I used brown spray paint. I simply put them on my feet and moved my ankle to extreme positions to make deep creases. Then, I sprayed a mist of paint into the shadowy parts to create false shadow lines. I also "dotted" paint in random spots throughout.

I made sure the bottom of the shoe had more of the paint to make it look more dirtier and rough and tumble.

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