Frock Coat

"You'll be dining with the captain. And he requests you wear this...." ~ Pintel


Depp liked to stick to one costume, wearing one heavyweight tweed 18th century design frock coat throughout the series. The original frock coat was made by Cosprop in London.


  • Only add this to your costume if you absolutely want to include every item of Jack Sparrow's look. Traditionally the coat [like the hat] is not apart of the 'Hero costume.' It is rarely worn in the movie and would be costly to make or buy.

  • When making the coat the two most important elements are fabric and the button holes. Be sure to check reference pictures for absolute screen accuracy. (ref pic 1) (ref pic 2) (ref pic 3)

  • Just in case you wanted to make the coat yourself – you figure 6 yards of the tweed at $30 a yard is going to be $180 plus shipping. A natural moda muslin for the lining at $4 a yard will be $24. The coat pattern is $24. The buttons from Simon Newton are $62. So just for parts alone is $290 and that doesn’t include anything extra like thread and time and interfacing and what-not. Your only way to bring the cost down more is to find a free pattern or to find a cheaper alternative to the ebony tweed.

The Material and Buttons

  • To make a proper coat you need roughly six (6) yards. Plus, whenever you order fabric, make sure you pre-shrink it as much as possible before you begin making your pattern.

  • Joanne's has an upholstery fabric that cost more than the real deal # 2324697 Ebony and also in #8497562 Java
  • You will also need an equal amount of off white muslin for the liner and the interfacing inside the coat.

  • There are 10 buttons down the front, 14 down the backside coat tail, 4 on each cuff, and 5 on each pocket

  • Simon Newton sells the authentic frock coat buttons.

  • The 3" button holes are a twisted chain "ladder stitch" embroidery. The button holes are a pearl cotton color with a dull gold border.

Coat Patterns


Distressing the Coat

  • Always check reference pictures when placing holes and age marks

  • Tips on weathering or "distressing" fabric.
  • Tips on making a homemade patina to weather your buttons. You can also lay them in ammonia fumes, scrub the surface with a scratchy pad, use jeweler's rouge, or anything else that would give them a weathered copper look.




Frock Coat Tutorial

Tutorial by Mojo from

Now certainly I am no seamstress, I am barely a costumer, so what right do I have making a tutorial for the Jack Frock? Absolutely none. Stop reading right now and go read someone who actually knows what they are talking about. What will follow here is my time working with the Fun Costumes.Com Jack Sparrow costume coat.

My coat was purchased from Jack Sparrow and was called "The Realistic Caribbean Pirate Captain Costume" and sold for $150.


Quality wise, it is your standard costume grade outfit with the exception of the coat. I "flipped" the other costume pieces on ebay and just kept the coat. But for someone who wanted to start off with a base costume, there are some adequate pieces in this set and it would be on par with the costume base set.

Before Modification

Here is the video footage I took of the coat, straight out of the box with no modifications. The coat is 100% polyester.

To get an idea of the fabric quality and color, here are some photos.  This is me wearing the coat:

The coat is one size fits all, so it feels very large and bulky. The suggestions from other costumers have been to resew the backcenter line to "take it in." Of course the other thing to do would be to weather it and add the correct buttons and add the collar.

The first thing that we did to mod the coat, besides taking in the center line almost 2 inches, was sewing closed the left and right open pleats. Jack's coat only has the one separation in the back and so tightening that up, helped reduce some of the flair.

It's a bit hot where I live, so I doubt I will finish this section anytime soon.


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