"No! This is barbaric! This is no way for grown men to settle... oh, fine! Let's just haul out our swords and start banging away at each other! That will solve everything! I've had it! I've had it with wobbly-legged, rum-soaked pirates!" ~ Elizabeth Swann



Sparrow's weapons are genuine 18th century pieces: his sword dates to the 1740s, while his pistol is from the 1760s. Both were made in London. Johnny Depp used two of each weapon on set, the real prop and one that was a stunt replica made of rubber.


Here is a guide to distressing replica weapons


This is another one of those costume pieces that is not crucial. Jack doesn't always carry the gun and for the most part it's just balancing in your sash. It would also probebly need to be removed every time you needed to sit down, so think about where you will be and what you will be doing. The movie used flintlock pistol had its own notability; the handle was decorated with a silver butt end and could just as easily be "used as a club." Jack’s pistol prop was made by a 1760's gunsmith named Perry from Birmingham Keneticuit.

+ Fabricating a Flintlock

+ Flintlock Dressing Tips

  • The gun is tucked into the sash behind the sun belt up to the trigger guard, with the butt of the gun pointing to your right.

+ Commandeering an authentic Flintlock

+ Commandeering a toy Flintlock


Jack's saber, a hanger [or cutlass], was acquired at a shop called "Blunderbuss Antiques" and is dated from the 1740's. Worth noting; the blade was somewhat longer than the blades of other pirates, to keep a “sharp distance” from his enemies and the leather scabbard of this sword was slightly bent at the bottom end. (ref photo)

+ Fabricating a Sword

  • Pointless unless you're a blacksmith...

  • A plastic Disney sword [made by Disguise] can also be painted and modified to look like Jack's prop. Since most metal weapons are not allowed in places where there are children - this is always a safe alternative. You can modify one with very little effort using our Sword Tutorial.

+ Fabricating a scabbard/sheath

+ Commandeering a Sword

Tang - when you purchase a metal sword you may notice some are over $200 and some are around $100 for the same "appearing" sword. This may be because of what sword makers call "full tang." Full tang is when the metal of the blade runs all of the way into the hilt. This makes it a real sword that could withstand impact. A cheaper metal sword that is not full tang only descends into the hilt a tiny fraction and is only meant for costume or display purposes.

If you'd like to read more about sword quality and materials, you should read this article on Real Armor of God .

+ Metal Swords

+ Plastic Swords

+ Commandeering a Scabbard

Most swords sold do not come with scabbards. Here are a few dealers who make Jack Sparrow scabbard:

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