Cannibal Jack

"The Pelagostos believe Jack is a god in human form, and they intend of doing him the honor of releasing him from his fleshy prison." ~ Mr. Gibbs

Stranded on Isla de Pelagosto , first seen on a throne made from human bones, Jack Sparrow is taken hostage by the natives and is made their sacrificial King. The costume worn by Jack in these scenes of Dead Man's Chest consists of the stripped down DMC/AWE costume with belt accessories (chicken foot, pelts etc), no coat or tricorn, no baldric or sword, and no flintlock. The extra peices include a crown, a feather scepter, a toe necklace and island makeup.

* Since most of these items are not sold by vendors, this page will be purely for reference and for assistance in constructing your own pieces. A special "Thank you" to Capn Jack Savvy for his amazing pictures and tutorials that he posted at the Replica Prop Forum.

Cannibal Crown

Probably the largest and most recognizable feature is the snake crown that Jack wears. Chiefly it appears to be made of feathers, coiled snakes and an old skull. Here is a close up comparison of Jack's Crown from the movie and the Action figure that was sold in stores (ref pic). Notice it seems to consist of:

  • A red ribbed tribal fabric wrap as an under-base
  • Two coils of wrapped snake
  • Two bone "fins" near the bottom (or it's one fin and a small fossil, like a ray)
  • An old gray skull (no jawbone) balanced at the top with a second darker snake coming from its nose
  • Brown feathers coming up the left side
  • Red feathers in the middle and back
  • Dried straw coming up the right side
  • Some sort of ribcage and lizard leg? hanging off the right side.

In constructing something like this, you could start with any old hat that fits, just trim the brim off and begin with that as your base. Another way would be to make a tube shaped base from scratch that fits snugly on your wig and head. It'd be best to start with something lightweight like chicken wire; or perhaps sculpt a base using heavy construction paper and then strengthening it with paper-mache, bondo, rondo, fiberglass or some other casting resin. You could also start with some sort of plastic party hat as your base, or a paper bucket like the king they serve chicken or popcorn in, or just build a foundation with cardboard and duct-tape. It's going to have to be strong enough to support the materials you place into it, but still lightweight that's its going to stay on your heard without falling off. The skull being perhaps the heaviest prop, and being so close to the top, perhaps to to keep it lightweight and secure it might be best to chop off the backside and drill holes in the sides to anchor it securely.

Feather Scepter

Jack also carries a feather scepter to denote his cannibal kingship. (ref pic) It seems to mostly consist of the supporting stick (doweling or severed broom stick), bird feathers (light colored pheasant towards the bottom and darker ostrich at the top) and a fox skull near the handle. The handle is wrapped with leather straps and has some beaded ornaments dangling from it.

Toe Necklace

The special features on the DVD indicated that the toe necklace was simply made from rubber casts of fellow castmembers and then painted to look severed and weather worn. There appear to be about 20 toes in all. The necklace looks to be made from a strong hemp or twine. (ref pic) An inexpensive alternative would be to purchase precasted severed toes (feet/fingers) from a Halloween store. Or you can mold and cast your friends feet using plaster, paper clay or rubber latex for the fleshy parts and buy fake press on nails for the toenails.

Face and Chest Makeup

Jack has a green yellow spotted painted bug on his nose with three black legs on each side that connect to painted blue eyes on his cheeks (ref pic). His dark eye makeup is more pronounced and it carries down in "scribble like" lines around the painted eyes. He also has the same painted eyes painted onto his actual eyelids to appear like "open eyes" when his eyes are closed. There also seems to be a yellow painted stripe on the left side of his face that almost touches his scar. Jack also has some yellow paint color across collar bone and chest (ref pic).

Commandeering Materials

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